‘Our Family’s Journey Through Disability and Cancer’-New Book Cover

Hello everyone! Hope you have enjoyed the sunny weather the last few days. After going through the wettest May recorded, we were blessed with experiencing possibly the hottest days of the year so far. My family and I have been grateful to have 2 family weekends away in May. Both holidays only 2 hours away from where we live; North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. We managed to even take in the sea breeze and be calmed by the sounds of splashing waves. Only proving to us that we in the United Kingdom are priviliged to have beautiful landscapes that surround us.

As we proceed into the summer months, my daughter Kirsty has passed 6 months since she received her Car- T treatment. Car- T is a breakthrough treatment for various cancers including leukaemia. You can read more about our recent experience and Car-T treatment in more detail in one of my previous blogs, http://www.listentomythoughts.com/2020/12/21/a-very-covid-christmas

My first book, ‘Our Family’s Journey Through Disability and Cancer’ was published at a time when Kirsty was just about to receive her Car-T treatment. Car-T stands for Chimeric Antigen Receptors Cell Therapy. A treatment that is relatively new. Therefore we encountered lots of uncertainties in how Kirsty would respond to treatment.

Going through this treatment 200 miles away from our home and during the pandemic hasn’t been easy. The book has a new cover to mark 6 months since Kirsty received her Car-T treatment.

Thank you to everyone who has read my book and given it a review. Your feedback has encouraged me to keep writing. You can read most of the reviews I have received on the Amazon website . It is one of the platforms my book is on.

Here are some of the reviews.

‘A very thought provoking yet heart warming book. Well written, giving the reader an insight to what a family goes through during an illness such as leukaemia.’

 ‘I think it is an important book for health professionals who look after children and adult with disabilities to read- it portrays the experience of families very honestly.’

It is lovely to see the pictures throughout the book and also there are some very good websites at the back of this book for support and for more information.

You can buy the book here. The link takes you to the various platforms where my print books and ebooks are on sale.


I have donated to Clic Sargent Cancer Charity and the Down Sydrome Association from the sales of the book.

Some of you may also know that Clic Sargent is now known as Young Lives Vs Cancer.

The photo on the book cover was taken 2 months ago. My new cover was designed by Stewart Williams, who will be designing my next book cover too.

I am currently writing my second book and hope to release it in November 2021.

In my next book I will be sharing with you about how going through this cancer journey again especially during the pandemic has been stressful in a different way. Something several individuals and families would have encountered in the last 15 months.

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Here’s hoping for a happy, healthy and peaceful June ahead.


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British doctor, wife and Mum to 2 daughters, Kirsty and Melissa. I published my first book in 2020 'Our Family's Journey Through Disability and Cancer . Buy now https://www.amazon.co.uk/Familys-Journey-Through-Disability-Cancer

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