The Next Chapter

We have had a snowy day today in Yorkshire. It’s the most snow I have seen in a while. I took the opportunity to walk out in the snow and enjoyed taking some photos. We are fortunate to have a garden that I can go for a walk in. I am not wanting to walk out in public places as my daughter is shielding.

Walking is something I would like to do more of in the future. Friends and family have encouraged me to walk especially when we were coping with my daughter’s illness. A way of keeping healthy, getting fresh air and ‘clearing the mind’.

Blogging and writing helps me think , reflect and clear my ‘head space’.

I started writing my second book 2 days ago. I have so far written 2000 words. I am not sure if I should make this book a short story ( minimum of 7500 words) or to make it as long as my last book , ‘Our Family’s Journey Through Disability and Cancer’ ( 27000 words).

My next book continues on from the last book. My family and I have encountered a very difficult 4 months in 2020.

Thank you once again to those of you who have read ‘Our Family’s Journey Through Disability and Cancer’. Please feel free to contact me with what you would like me to include in the next book. Are there any areas from my last book that you thought I should have written more about?

Would appreciate it if you could sign up to my newsletter and follow my blog. I will be posting updates on my new book and will continue blogging about life in 2021.

Details on how you can purchase ‘Our Family’s Journey Through Disability and Cancer’ –

I am looking forward to new adventures this year with my family. I hope I will be able to catch up with friends and family I haven’t seen for awhile too this year.

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#Staysafe. Happy snow day

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British doctor, wife and Mum to 2 daughters, Kirsty and Melissa. I published my first book in 2020 'Our Family's Journey Through Disability and Cancer . Buy now

3 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. Don’t think about the number of words, just keep writing your story and see where it takes you. I’m happy to critique at any stage xx

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