We apparently have had the sunniest April ever recorded since 1929. What a year to have had the sunniest April! Typical isn’t it? A month when we have been in lockdown! We have missed out on a glorious and warm Easter Break. Nevermind…

As I write this, I am thinking of the positives that have happened in April. I feel April has gone by quickly. It’s a month now since I started my blog. This is my 11th blog. I appreciate all the feedback I have had and thank everyone who has read one of my posts.

I have been trying to write this particular blog for 2 days . I have written several versions. However have deleted them all. I have decided there really isn’t much to say.

I just feel sad when I think of the last month. Yes, I can list the many positive things that have happened this month. However, I cannot help thinking about the many who have lost their lives, the many who are fighting for their lives now and the many who are worried about their lives.

We have been told we have reached the peak number of deaths. However, the death rates are much higher today than ever as the number of deaths recorded out of hospital are reported for the first time. It’s sad to think there are probably thousands more dead from this virus, but not counted in the numbers. They might be dead and gone from this life, and ‘a number’ to some of us, but they probably have families with unanswered questions and wanting answers desperately, so they can grieve .

There is pressure on the government to come up with a plan to when lockdown is released. There is apparently already more activity on the roads . People are ‘releasing’ themselves from lockdown in their own ways. Police are being abused when people are questioned. The ability to be free seems to matter more than the need to ‘save lives’

I personally find the advice on ‘going out’ conflicting.

This week we also paid a minute silence to the NHS workers who have died. The news channels report at least 100 who have died. A healthcare Facebook page reported at least 119, and this was a few days ago.

Looking at the NHS England Website, there were 2 137 hospital deaths at the end March.

There were 21 678 hospital deaths on April 28th and over 26 000 deaths on the 29th of April in total. (including those who have died out of hospitals).

I don’t mind having my freedom of movement taken away from me. I just want us to help each other and protect ouselves by staying at home. I also want all key workers, those in healthcare or not, to be protected and respected. To be treated as human beings and not soldiers or martyrs.

When lockdown is released, I don’t think I will be jumping for joy. Instead I will have to adapt back to how life used to be. I would also be worried about a second wave descending on us.

I pray and hope May is a better month, sunny or not.

#staysafe #stayhome #keyworkers #coviddeaths


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