Dear Darlings,

You both are probably wondering why I am writing to you when I see you everyday. We have been in lockdown for a month now. You and I have not left the house all this time. It’s such a different life we lead now. I am writing this hoping that one day you will read this to remind you of what we have been through in 2020.

‘Coronavirus’ and ‘Covid 19’ have been part of your vocabulary for over 2 months now. Dad and I have been open and honest about the seriousness of this illness, and also tried to reassure you both and protect you.

We had a sad start to the year as you lost your Grandad just days after we welcomed in the New Year. Before you knew it, you were visiting Granny and Papa’s house for the last time as their house was emptied. It brought back special memories.

Mum and Dad tried to cheer you both up as we prepared for our long awaited holday to Florida. Dad and you both loved looking at ‘YouTube’ Videos on the theme parks and planning which rides you would go on. Dad did his best to book our favourite rides on his phone app.

However as the weeks passed you noticed Mum and Dad listen to the news constantly. We looked pre-occupied and worried.You heard about the lockdown in China. You heard about the first case of coronavirus in the UK in January. You heard that the virus was getting closer to where we live.

You were concerned when I spent a weekend in London. I promised you I would be careful and would wash my hands often. I promised you I would avoid the underground tubes as much as possible.

When you left the house for school we reminded you to wash your hands at school and to not touch your face or rub your eyes. Your teachers in school advised you to wash your hands. You and your friends stopped hugging each other. You were careful to not touch surfaces at school like stair bannisters. You found an old hand sanitiser in your room and you carried it in your pocket.

News reports said that the virus only affects ‘the elderly’ and not children. You were relieved to hear this.

You then heard about the first child that sadly died. You felt sad for this child. I did not tell you about this but you heard it yourselves as it was reported on TV. It probably worried you but you stayed positive. Soon after this you heard us say that children can still spread the virus and this made you wonder why schools were still open. You worried about your Mum and Dad being doctors. You worried that we would get the virus.

When I picked you up from school I did not give you a hug or a kiss like I usually do. You looked sad to me and I felt guilty. Eventhough you washed your hands when you got home, we still didn’t hug and kiss.

While at home Mum and Dad were preoccupied with the news. We were eager to know how it’s affecting everyone in the UK and World. We worried about our family and friends. We were worried if we both get it.

We then decided to teach you to cook and be more independent. We talked to you about looking out for each other. We also told you it will be OK.

You hoped we could still go on our holiday.

You then heared that Disney closed and you thought maybe we can just stay in the hotel even if the parks are closed.

A few days later we sadly told you both we couldn’t go on holiday, you wondered why Mum and Dad were relieved. We were so proud at how well you took it and you understood we can always go another time.

Sadly your dance and drama clubs had to close and within a few days schools closed too and home schooling began.

We then cancelled our summer holiday and we told you that we can’t go out to celebrate Dad’s birthday in a restaurant. I remember you both feeling so sorry for Dad but you made sure he had a fantastic special day and he did.

M, you had been practising so hard for your violin exam that was cancelled a few days before it was meant to be.

Two days after home schooling started, M , you developed a cold had to isolate for 7 days in your room. You were sad about it but you did it darling for your sister who is shielding. I missed you so much.

K, you have Me trying to teach you. I am not the best at teaching but trying my best to make it fun and interesting for you. I think it’s a fantastic time for you and I to spend time together every morning.

We are still only one month since lockdown and I know it feels like we have been doing this for months!

We say to you, use this time to be creative, do what you always wanted to do but never had the time.

We say to you, at least you can facetime your friends

We say to you, thank goodness for social media and the internet.

You bake, you cook for us. You suggest we do fun family things. We appreciate having family time together with life slowing down.

In the last few days, I notice sadness in your eyes in the morning when you come down for breakfast. We ask you if you are both OK and you say yes

You sometimes tell us it’s because you miss your friends.

You do not complain about staying at home. You know it’s to keep yourself and everyone else safe.

You realise that families have lost loved ones and you are grateful that your family is OK.

You know Mum and Dad are worried about the key workers not having ‘PPE’.

We ask you several times a day if you are Ok. We ask you to tell us if you are not.

Why would you not feel sad…your world is so different now. And you probably don’t see an end to it at the moment.

You will be confused, you will be scared, you miss you friends, you miss your life.

It’s OK to feel like this and it is important you are able to show how you feel.

I know no matter how much I try to make you happy, what you really want I can’t give you .

We are here for you, to talk to you, to help put a smile on your face when you feel down and to do all we can to make this time fun.

You are not alone in this as so many children all over the world are feeling just like you are at the moment. There are many Mums and Dads feeling guilty about their children missing out on living their lives as they normally do.

It is so rare for a child to be unwell with the coronavirus but I think ‘Children are affected by this virus’, emotionally and other ways, but you both, along with all your friends, will get through this.

This will end and we will get our lives back.

We love you both so much. We have our dreams and ambitions to look forward to when this is all over.

Lots of Love

Mum and Dad xx

#Staystrong #Hope #Peace #Love


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